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I am believing that God is helping both of our families grow in faith. May God abundantly bless your family and hold you up. My husband an I left a job we needed because there were things not right there in many forms I asked god to clean it up an clear it out the ones that left were the ones that got fired for wrong doing on the job an also people who were honest an truthful an would do their work the business still has a lot of people you carried to work there that had the same job as you there was fraud found there an a lot of other things we are unemployed.

I feel your pain Edward. We will get through this trial together!

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I will pray for you and your family. Dear Edward: I have been reading all these comments and yours hit me hard!

3. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew ; Luke ) |

My husband lost a very good job for the second time because he was downsized. I am disabled and I thank God for this check because it pays our house payment. We have prayed and prayed and thanked God for our blessings. I try to keep my faith but it is so hard when I see people happy and working and not a care in the world.

I feel so alone and abandoned. We just rebuilt our credit from him losing the last job. I am so miserable and I feel like every one is happy except us. Please please pray for us! We have worked so hard to have what we have and believe me we are just middle class people trying to live our lives in an evil and selfish world.

I am almost at the end of my rope. I just feel so helpless and my husband is so sad he is drinking more. Why did this have to happen? Diane, I hear how challenging this has been for you and your husband. I wonder if your husband could take a stop gap job to make ends meet while pursuing a new professional job? I recently left a toxic work environment with no safety net. These jobs are normally advertised on Craigslist and you just need a car and drivers license.

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If not, I hope this was helpful. Stay strong in Him. As an aside, encourage husband to get help for his drinking.

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If he feels hopeful, he may be up to going to meetings and getting a sponsor. Check with his doctor to see if he needs more intensive treatment or needs help to detox. God bless! Still here waiting. It makes you want to turn off social media and stay in your house. Prospective employers take forever and no one seems to care when they lead people on. God created the world, he can make a job happen faster if he wanted to.

Are we supposed to be learning something here? I work in press so we get fun opps but I have to work to make them happen. I used to think prayer worked.

A Thankful Attitude by Joyce Meyer

Now, eh…. I have said similar things to people and no one can ever really answer it. It is a really good point though. People have bills to pay for now. How is knowing that there are rewards in Heaven helping with those bills? Please dont lose hope in God. God is able to do exactly what he promised. Your friends will seem happy but you dont know what they go through behind closed doors. God loves you so he places you in situations that he believes you can handle. I know it is hard to not look towards earthly possessions especially in times of need.

He sees and feels your pain more so than you can imagine and he wants what is best for us. Trust me things will get better in time, believe that it will and trust that God will bring you through. Look towards him and his word and trust me, he will provide all that he has promised. Dont lose hope and keep on fighting. Paul endured soo much in order to spread the gospel. What we endure is nothing compared to what Christ did for us on the cross.

Keep hope and trust in him!! You sound very hard working Dora all credit to you, I pray your husband received a job soon. God is faithful, he has a beautiful plan for you, and he will comfort and strengthen your faith in the meantime. Mike, thank you for your post, maybe God is not giving me a job because I have things I need to learn. After analyzing myself, I feel that I want to have a job because I want to please the world. My parents will be proud of me; my relatives and neighbors will also have a good opinion about me; I can start tithing at the church and not feel like a poor person who cannot give anything; people at church will start liking me because I will have job; I can start making friends again because I can go out and pay; I do not have to feel guilty for not not working and doing nothing all day.

I do not mind if I work at a fast food restaurant or mop the floors, but will the world view me as less? Thank you for inspiring words and it is Jesus speaking directly to my heart I love my Lord and Savior and am so very thankful and pray for increase in faith and for wisdom on exactly where my God wants me. Little did I know that from your post….

God Bless and prayerfully our scripture and his word is still our purpose today.

When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer by Jerry Sittser

Thank you for posting this! As a woman that has gone through about a year of unemployment and now underemployment, it has been a constant challenge to remember that my identity and value is in Christ. You are so welcome, Anna. Thanks for letting me know that it was helpful — I really appreciate it. First, Yes,.. It Hurts,.. So Badly,.. Because, I Turely Am Bless! Im Talken About,…Gods Wonderful,.. And Do Not,.. So Much,.. Like That,.. But Until Then,..

When God Disappoints You--A Book in Honor of Thanksgiving

Women To Cry! Kids To Cry! You Can Beat,.. A Good Place To Start! Thank you for sharing your story, Terry.