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At the end of the war in France surrendered many of its colonial possessions — including Canada — to the British.

The Old Testament Background of Gog and Magog

Quebec City , New France. While France was preoccupied by the hostilities in Europe, Britain targeted French colonies overseas and attacked the French navy and merchant fleet, in the hope of destroying France as a commercial rival. Lawrence River. The French would be difficult to dislodge.

The British attacked the French position at Beauport on 31 July but were met by fierce resistance and had to retreat. While this reduced the supplies available to the French defenders, it did not lure Montcalm into open battle. In desperation, Wolfe resorted to the systematic destruction of the buildings and countryside around Quebec, but Montcalm still refused to attack. However, in late August several British ships managed to navigate the difficult currents of the St.

Lawrence River and sail past the Quebec batteries, establishing a strong British naval presence upriver of the city.


While historians have debated the logic and merits of this decision, the British were fortunate, as the area was only lightly defended. Operating in darkness and silence, the naval boats fought the strong currents of the St. Lawrence and landed the advance force at just after 4 a.

By the time the sun rose, Wolfe and the first division were on the plateau, and by 8 a. The British force stretched across the Plains of Abraham named for 17th-century fisherman Abraham Martin in a shallow horseshoe formation about 1 km long and two ranks deep.

When Montcalm heard about the British landing and ascent, he decided to attack quickly before the British had the chance to establish themselves. Historians have criticized his response, suggesting that he should have waited for reinforcements to arrive from French detachments in the area.

Indigenous marksmen were positioned with Canadian militiamen in the bushes along the British flanks. General Wolfe died soon after the firing commenced, shot three times in the first few minutes of the engagement. The British laid siege to Quebec, and on 18 September, the French commander signed the Articles of Capitulation and turned the city over to the British. However, the war for New France would continue.

The British position at Quebec was not secure.

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Lawrence River before ice closed the mouth of the river. The British at Quebec were therefore isolated over the winter, and many suffered from scurvy. In a reversal of events from the previous year, the British retreated to Quebec, and the French laid siege. The Battle of the Plains of Abraham marked a turning point in the history of New France and what would eventually become Canada.

How will this occur? Or, at the very least, by nullifying their influence in the hearts of people. At the same time, Satan will try to take advantage of the opportunity in a last-ditch effort to crush the children of God. Some contend that Magog is merely the realm of Gog see below.


But the Lord will have the final word. Fire descends from heaven destroying the enemy. Every serious student of Revelation is aware of the fact that the imagery of this final book of the New Testament is borrowed from the Old Testament. The ultimate message of the Revelation of Christ is the glorious prophecy of his ultimate triumph for the Cause of the Almighty.

Egyptian Gods - The Complete List

The background behind the names Gog and Magog is found in the book of Ezekiel. In that book, certain hostile forces rose against Israel. Ezekiel was instructed to denounce these enemies and prophesy their overthrow by the Lord himself. Here is the text:.

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The identification of this evil entity has long been a point of controversy among Bible scholars. Expositors are divided as to exactly what this force was. Vos identified Gog with Gyges c. But Harrison argued that other possibilities are equally valid. Perhaps it was Gaga mentioned in the Amarna tablets or Gago, king of the city-state of Sabi He noted that it was not uncommon to employ an earlier name for a later power as a means of avoiding political danger should the actual name have been mentioned.

The point is this.

But Israel would not be vanquished. Jehovah himself would intervene and be their Savior. In the Apocalypse, John borrows this imagery from the former prophet and applies it to what some scholars believe is a projected final assault against the truth at some point before the return of Christ. When this might occur is unknown — perhaps in close proximity to the Judgment Day. The full fury of this conflict is depicted in Revelation A substantial case can be made for the view that this is simply an equivalent image for the Day of Judgment.