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It seems the only time I surface here is to mention markets that are closing. This week gave us the news that Talebones and Lone Star Stories were closing up shop. And to be completely clear, Talebones has a few new issues that are yet to be published, and then the magazine will be changing to an annual anthology. And then I saw that people were saying that my magazine, Electric Velocipede , was closed.

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Not closed to submissions which it is until August 1 but closed. As in: ceased publishing.

This is not a new problem. People read and see what they want to read and see. I find this whole thing maddening.

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Angering actually. I will get to seven issues by the end of the year since temporarily closing to submissions. The magazine is now reaching a wider audience than it could with just me at the helm. I recently announced that I was re-opening to submissions. This year will end with the publication of issue 20, which sounds pretty damn cool to me.

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About my story, she says:. Jekyll and Mr. I had in fact just been in a production of Jekyll and Hyde and had that startling moment of epiphany when I realized that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote science fiction.

This story follows the main character, who takes advantage of the elixir of a doctor he knows to try and understand the suicide of his elder brother. The story is clearly based in works like Dr. Although the format of the story brings those to mind, the text is more up-to-date and comfortable to the modern audience but without being out-of-place with the story.

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Talebones just announced the table of contents of What a fantastic way to start off More comfortable by far with his runs in the woods and with hard facts and figures, Donny eventually finds himself drawn to a coworker, Edith. Two stories in one, the first follows a triumph of humanity that echoes the first moon landing.

April Greer is part of a two-person exploratory team, the first to walk on an ethereal new planet, across our solar system. Can luck cross bodies with DNA and determine the best or worst of a person, before they even have a will of their own to exercise? Bingo is a human secretly created and raised by something that calls itself Rogue.

Glass is one of the best of the issue. What could have been a pretty horror story turns out to be more of a strange urban fantasy.