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The process by which isolated communities adapt to life in a modern world. Sochaczewski is particularly interested in Asian stories that defy western Cartesian logic. He writes about the love affair between the Sultan of Yogyakarta Java and the mystical Mermaid Queen.

He explains why isolated Indian villagers are angry at the Monkey God Hanuman for not returning their sacred mountain. He investigates why Burmese generals use the perceived power of the white elephant to solidify their hold on power, and how a rural woman in the Himalayas changed government conservation policy by hugging a tree. His books and articles have exposed the cultural genocide of the Penan people of Sarawak, Malaysia, helped to generate a renaissance of appreciation for British naturalist and explorer Alfred Russel Wallace and identified Eco-Cultural Revolutions which have had major impacts on our relationship with nature.

SHADOW MAN. Things That Go Bump part 5!

The surprisingly easy techniques professional writers use to write personal memoirs and travel stories that connect with editors and readers. Thomas Bass, author of The Spy Who Loved Us and professor at State University of New York, said: "If you want to write, if you want to improve your writing, if you want your writing to leap off the page and click its heels in mid-air, read this book and follow its good advice. Raven, president emeritus at the Missouri Botanical Garden says: "A fascinating journey through the tropics of Southeast Asia, Sochaczewski not only follows in the footsteps of Alfred Russel Wallace but engages in a dialogue with him for the whole journey.

Thought-provoking about change and constancy, and a delight to read. It also travels into the soul of golf, the rituals, the beliefs, and asks why people cheat and why do golfers remember the bad shots instead of the good shots? What makes The Sultan and the Mermaid Queen outstanding must surely be the inquisitive mind, the compassionate tone and openhearted admiration of the author towards his subjects.

Whatever landmarks you already have on Asia, this book sweeps you to new frontiers. John G. Wilson, author of The Forgotten Naturalist:. In Search of Alfred Russel Wallace.

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In this book Sochaczewski has managed something quite extraordinary — he has taken exotic, sometimes esoteric subjects and made them interesting and accessible. His writing peels back the layers of myth and reality, revealing a sensitive, humorous and insightful core of humanity. Ho hum. But as you read these fabulous stories, you realize that he has another, higher, obsession: getting to know people.

And afterwards he goes golfing. His stories focus on the human and natural phenomena which make Southeast Asia arguably the most interesting part of the world to live in; he writes about the unusual characters and situations which he encounters with gentle irony. He wears his deep familiarity with the region lightly, smoothing the path into this dauntingly complex area for the reader with no previous experience here. Never met a real-life hobbit? Come search for them on the Indonesian island of Flores.

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Worried that your golf game is beyond human redemption? Meet a Japanese monk who uses Zen to unlock the secrets of a supernatural putt. Think a white elephant can only be found in Disneyland? Let Sochaczewski show you how the military autocrats of Burma are seeking out a rare beast to balance out their bad karma. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Sultan & Mermaid Queen

Paul Sochaczewski wears his knowledge as lightly as an invisible cloak, but there is a lot to be learned from these finely-wrought tales of faraway places. I recommend you buy this book and savor it. Tina Turner does it, Tom Cruise does it, so does Arnold. Is the Middle Path suitable for trained felines? Which at this moment was not jumping through a hoop.

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Teaching cats parlor tricks. There I met Venerable U Nanda, 25, one of a dozen resident monks. Obviously, it works. Every 30 minutes or so, when a group of visitors would accumulate, San Win, an assistant in the monastery, would put the cats through their paces. I gave him a little nudge, ordered him to kon, and after he jumped I rewarded him with a biscuit. Meanwhile Tina Turner was curled up on my backpack, asleep. After a while U Nanda started to open up.

I was interested in Buddhist history, he was interested in conjugating English verbs. Throughout our conversation, the abbot, Sayadaw Kite Ti, 68, kept his distance and read a book. A few days later, I trekked an hour up a butterfly-enhanced forest path on Mount Popa, arguably the most mystical hill in this most mystical of countries, to visit a hermit monk named Venerable U Sumana.. Hesitantly, I approached the cave and saw a young monk preparing a fire. I asked if I was disturbing him. Popping in unannounced suddenly seemed like a stupid idea — the last thing I wanted to do was get in the way of his accumulation of karma points.

Nevertheless, for a recluse, U Sumana was remarkably outgoing.

Paul Sochaczewski travels to Indonesia, Myanmar, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland to speak with mediums, shamans, and, yes, spirits of dead folks. In this innovative work of personal journalism, Sochaczewski—a self-described Agnostic Spiritualist—creates the Three Tenets […]. Jan, by Paul Sochaczewski in Books. Why is China creating a retirement haven in the South China Sea for rich despots?

What happened when the descendant of the over-sexed first White Rajah of Borneo returned to claim his throne?


Did […]. May, by Paul Sochaczewski in Distant Greens. To a golf course in the Amazon […]. Apr, by Paul Sochaczewski in Books , Redheads. Nearby, an orangutan […]. Geneva,