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Edited by Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti, and Peter Oosterveer

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The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism

Journal of Youth Studies Volume 20, - Issue 8. Published online: 19 Mar Michele Micheletti et al. Cultural Studies Volume 22, - Issue 5. Published online: 15 Sep Published online: 19 Jul Luke S.

The Successes of Political Consumerism as A Social Movement

Yates European Societies Volume 13, - Issue 2. Published online: 10 Dec Amy B. Another frequent point of criticism is that political consumerism in Western Europe is an activity that belongs to high-resourced people. Being outside of the labour market certainly excludes from such practice. However, as a form of individualistic political action it is particularly attractive to young people as many youngsters are more likely to engage in this form of participation than in demonstration or protest.

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This corresponds with the notion of life politics Anthony Giddens or sub politics Ulrich Beck. And how do we challenge a consumerist society if individuals have more power as consumers than as citizens? It is with no doubt that economic prosperity and individualization go hand in hand. Consumption orientation can thus push a decline in civic participation.

Political consumerism and public policy: good complements against market failures?

On the other hand, political consumerism is always taking place on the intersection of individual choice and collective action. Apart from the youngest, people aged between 35 and 55 as well as students and probably less desperate house wives are most likely to be amongst political consumers.

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  • Edited by Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti, and Peter Oosterveer.
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A higher degree of global orientation and a sense of global solidarity is significant. Enforced political consumerism should be considered as serious instrument in the occupation toolbox.

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  8. One role of Occupy movements around the world is to inform about market-based political strategies. Strategies to put breaks on consumerism through symbolic or visual signals are flash mobs, mall sit-ins, community events or walks of shame as extended boycott a funny way of raising awareness of which companies not to support. Fasting from hyper consumerism and rethinking consumer decisions, we can confront transnational corporations, demand more transparency in commodity chains, inform about greenwashing or develop political consumerist toolkits.

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    One central aim should be to raise awareness in individuals including ourselves to take responsibility for ecological and ethical footprints. Reflective consumer action is not self-oriented, but based on concern for society as a whole.

    Studying Political Consumerism - Oxford Handbooks

    If Occupy is a mechanism to change the way we think about what we as individuals want, it will have the power to influence collective values as well. So far, the movement has been immensely successful in provoking discussion and getting people thinking about methods of resistance. In the best case, it will initiate profound change in society towards an ethical assessment of business and government practices, including consumption practices on the individual level. Political Consumerism January 4, Buycott vs. Boycott Political consumerism combines the rationalities of two subsystems: the homo economicus and politicus.