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Of little relevance to this discussion, I have left aside the many nuances that characterised the two fields of the political and religious debate in this period. From July onwards, the press started to report the number of worshippers. The almost fifty-thousand people who had gathered for the last and most widely covered apparition on 13 October made up a very impressive number.

It became unstoppable. The Portuguese political and ideological debate took new interest in Lourdes and, as a consequence, in Lourdes. Such was still the influence of the novel and of the French writer. This new approach could already be found in Les Faits de Lourdes , published by physician A. He also insisted that Zola had witnessed cures omitted in the novel, thus implying that fiction should work as documentary writing.

Some intellectual merchant, Zola! He was offended by the insolence of the paper as well as by the fact that the University had not only accepted it but passed it with such a high grade. I will unfold a myriad of wonders. No mention was made as to its author or translator. The character of the unbeliever prevented the analysis of Lourdes from being a sheer Catholic vulgate.

It was the cry of a crowd turned mad, mad with suffering, mad with excitement, appealing to God, who could hear but was indifferent. Every look glowed with unwavering faith. Every voice had echoes of delirium. It was a crowd turned mad that roared with joy, quivered with excitement, laughed and wept at the same time idem: All those thousands of lights make it look as if it were on fire …. As a convert to Catholicism, Huysmans was nevertheless spared by most authors. A miracle! Thus, a novel in which Zola was damned and insulted, ended precisely with a practical confirmation of the healing-crowd thesis, as only when in its midst did Felix experience the miraculous cure.

The difference lay in the origin of that same cure.

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Table 1. The earliest one was a three-act play by Alfredo Cortez , in which the characters took part in the Portuguese pilgrimage. Due to scenic limitations, Cortez placed the crowd offstage. The first act ended with the candlelight procession, while the sick girl watched ecstatically from her bedroom window, in a voyeuristic attitude.

Ana very cheerful : But I can! I can hear them perfectly! They are shouting wildly! So many disorderly cries!

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So many souls united! Was it the power of weapons or the cunning of diplomacy?

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The crowd played a role in the novel Table 1. But this was a minor role, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, corresponding to a lesser concern with the crowd phenomenon. And how could that be accomplished? But what is that number, compared with the crowd that I can see here? In the same way modern paganism has recovered the arena and the amphitheatre. Porto, Tip. Oficina de S. Do Porto a Lourdes.

Lisbon, Tip. Camacho , Brito, n.

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Knights of Malta. National Institutions. Constitutional Charter and Code. Spiritual commitment. Nuns of the Order.

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Saints and Blessed. According to the Constitution, as the religious Superior and Sovereign, he must fully dedicate himself to the development of the works of the Order and set an example of living by Christian principles to all the members…. The Order of Malta is permanently present with medical, social and humanitarian projects in most countries in the world. Paris police arrest British rocker Pete Doherty twice in three days. In pictures: Thousands march in Paris against Islamophobia. French bishops vote to give payouts to sex abuse victims.

Unemployment: , jobless people in France set to lose benefits. Frequent mistakes made by French property buyers. Related articles Provence and Riviera hit by 5.

Brittany shakes again as another earthquakes hits. Divine rumblings? Lourdes hit by quake.

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