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La clemenza di Tito libretto (Italian/English) - opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Se la viola esce a febbraio, tieni da conto fieno e pagliaio —- if the violet comes out in February, store away your haystack. Many like to go to the mountains andare in montagna to ski sciare , snowboard fare snowboard or go mountain-climbing fare alpinismo. Sheets or linens are called biancheria , while biancheria intima refers to lingerie.

Something off-white is biancastro or bianco sporco. If you feel under the weather, the best advice is mangiare in bianco. Bianco also can convey blankness or an absence of something. Un foglio in bianco is a blank sheet of paper; un assegno in bianco , a blank check. Un matrimonio bianco describes an unconsummated and presumably loveless marriage. If you toss and turn all night long, you pass una notte in bianco , a night without sleep. Ending up nowhere translates as andare in bianco going into white.

Workers who die because of unsafe conditions on the job suffer morti bianche white deaths. A free hand, carte blanche in French, becomes carta bianca in Italian. A red-hot controversy in English is una polemica al calor bianco to the white heat in Italian, sometimes caused by people who see everything as black or white o tutto bianco o tutto nero. If you completely misunderstand a situation, you end up prendere bianco per nero taking white for black.

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La luna rossa. As the moon passes behind it, the earth blocks the sun's rays, and the moon disappears from the sky. In an eclissi parziale partial eclipse , part of the moon remains illuminated. The January eclipse, visible over North America, was un raro fenomeno ottico a rare optical phenomenon because it occurred during a "super" moon that appeared larger than usual from earth. Ever so slowly, thanks to the refraction of the rays of the sun la rifrazione dei raggi solari , a red moon luna rossa , a classic Italian sight emerged. Italians refer to a fetus as being ancora nel mondo della luna still in the world of the moon, or not yet born.

In these hard times more people find themselves struggling to sbarcare il lunario make ends meet. But do watch out for anyone who tries to fare vedere la luna nel pozzo make you see the moon in a well. Tags: Italian language, Italy, luna rossa, lunar eclipse, moon, travel.

Becoming Italian Word by Word: Language

I mesi. The months. The original Roman year had ten named months, beginning with Martius , named for Mars, god of war. This was the month when the mighty Roman legions resumed their battles to conquer and rule the known world. It was also the time when farmers began working the fields and preparing for planting. There were two unnamed months in the dead of winter when not much happened. Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome circa BC, added the two months Januarius January , dedicated to Janus, the two-faced god of beginnings and endings, and Februarius February , named after Februalia , a time of sacrifices to atone for sins.

He also moved the beginning of the year from Martius to Januarius. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar replacing it with the Julian calendar , changed the number of days in many months, and eliminated Intercalaris. In its stead February gets an extra day during an anno bisestile leap year. Quanti ne abbiamo del mese? What day of the month is it? Tags: calendar, Italian expressions, Italian history, Italian language, Italian nursery rhymes, months of the year. Welcome to ! It's a true honor to join its roster of noted authors. In December another of my books inspired a question on the classic quiz show Jeopardy : " A Life Discovered is the subtitle of a book about this enigmatic woman, the most famous portrait sitter of all times.

Foreign rights have been sold to Croatia—my first book to be translated into this language. To keep up with the latest news, sign up here for author alerts. My favorite holiday present came in the form of an e-mail from a remarkable young woman named Sydney Matrisciano. In , when she and her family lost their home in Mississippi and often went hungry, her mother offered her a special treat—any book she wanted from a local bookstore. She taught herself Italian, studied French and Latin in high school and became so adept at Russian that she won an international competition in Moscow.

Sydney also won a full scholarship to Northwestern. Hales," she wrote to me, "You changed my life irrevocably.

Sydney's generous words warmed my writerly heart. Here are some popular resolutions for Do you have any to add? This simple gift costs nothing qualcosa che non costa nulla but yields a lot of satisfaction procura molta soddisfazione. Give yourself a daily minimum number un numero minimo —perhaps three smiles tre sorrisi to start--and work up to five cinque.

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Doing the things we do not like Impegnarsi a fare le cose che non ci piacciono. Forget all the excuses tutte le scuse and give them a try provateci. Click here to preorder. Tags: , Italian culture, Italian language, Italy, new year's resolutions, travel. Days after many Americans have taken down their Christmas trees and packed away the decorations, Italians continue to celebrate.

In Italy the job of delivering nice gifts to good children and cenere e carbone ashes and coal to naughty ones belonged to La Befana. Her name comes from befania, a corruption of the Greek word epifania , which means apparition or manifestation. She refused because she had too much housework. Regretting her decision, Befana gathered presents in a bag, hopped on her broomstick and took to the skies.

In Friuli in northern Italy, families gathered around a big Christmas log that had been burning for twelve days in a special raised hearth called a fogolar.

February 04, 12222

Others lit giant bon fires in their fields. The Friulians believed these Epiphany fires—called pan e vin bread and wine in some places and vecja old one in dialect in others--lit the way for the three wise men en route to Bethlehem.

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Throughout Italy January 6 marks the end of the long holiday season. I measure his feelings by my own; and it seems an impossibility to me that he could have betrayed me.

It is no wonder if a true heart, full of honour, believes all other hearts incapable of disloyalty. Tanto cambiarsi un'alma non potrebbe. Annio, che rechi? L'innocenza di Sesto? A heart could not change so greatly. Annius, what do you bring? Sextus 's innocence? Reassure me. Co' complici il senato alle fiere il condanna. TITO Annio, per ora lasciami in pace. TITO Lo so, partite! Sextus was the author of the cruel plot. The Senate has condemned him, with his accomplices, to be thrown to the wild beasts.

Here is the terrible, but just, decree; giving the paper to Titus only the Emperor's name, my lord, is lacking. Leave me! He is the brother of my dear bride.

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Deh prendi consiglio, Signor, dal tuo core: Il nostro dolore Ti degna mirar. Publio ed Annio partono. Ah, take counsel, my lord, of your heart: deign to look upon our grief. Exeunt Publius and Annius. Fingersi amico! Ed io sospendo ancor la pena? E s'egli avesse qualche arcano a svelarmi?