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Jehovah’s Witnesses

They were not Jews. They came from a country whose people did not know the real God.

Luke 2:1-20

However, God guided them. Now they had found this baby. He would be greater than anyone that they had ever known. They did not give honour to a prince in a palace. The wise men came to a simple home. He is for all nations. The visits show us this.

Where was Jesus born?

Two very good people were there. Simeon and Anna spoke to Joseph and Mary.

They praised God for the child Jesus. Jesus had poor parents.

Mary and Joseph Travel to Bethlehem

They lived in a poor house. And they told some good ordinary people about him.

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The family returns to Bethlehem. The priests and scribes inform Herod that the Christ would be born in Bethlehem Matthew - 6. Herod encourages the Magi to find the Christ child feigning he wants to worship him as well then report back to him verses 7 - 8. After leaving Jerusalem, the Magi notice the "star" that brought them to Judea has appeared again!

The Christmas Story

It leads them directly to a house NOT a manger! Finding them in a home, they offer their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh Matthew - The Magi, after being warned in a dream, do not return to Jerusalem to report back to Herod verse An angel, after the wise men leave Bethlehem, tells Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt because Herod will soon want to kill his child verses 13 - Herod, in 40 B.

He wanted to know the exact location of where Jesus was born in order to kill him!

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Herod flies into a rage when he discovers the Magi are not coming back to Jerusalem to give him the information he wants Matthew He then orders the cold blooded murder of all Bethlehem area males two years old and younger verses 16 - After Herod dies in early 4 B. Joseph, after arriving in Judea, discovers Herod Archelaus now reigns in the area. Fearful of going back and living in Bethlehem, Joseph is instructed in a dream to go to Galilee Matthew - 23, Luke The family makes the long trip and goes back to living in Nazareth.

The authors researched the recollections of those who knew and followed Jesus. The writers also knew the Jewish scriptures known to Christians as the Old Testament. By bringing these facts together, Luke created an account in which the young Mary, engaged to Joseph but not yet married, was visited in Nazareth by Gabriel, an angel. Gabriel told her that she had been chosen by God to give birth to a son.

Bethlehem: City of David and Birthplace of Jesus

The baby would be conceived through a unique act of God. Through this child, God would live among his people in an unprecedented way. Mary was spared the disgrace associated with being pregnant and unmarried at that time because Joseph acted in a compassionate way. He heard rumours of the birth of a rival, and tried to eliminate the threat by having male children in Bethlehem murdered.

However, his soldiers arrived too late to harm Jesus, whose family had fled to Egypt. Christians remember these events with great celebration at Christmas.