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For you, what are the qualities of a Great Engineering Leader?

It works for some of us, but for others like me, pre-Priority Matrix you tend to end up bogged down with an endless flow of incoming work.

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Not anymore. Priority Matrix allows you to import emails into the PM inbox at the touch of a button.

For truly seamless integration, set up email forwarding. This will automatically convert your emails to to-dos. Determine whether the tasks on your list are actionable — check out this article for more on converting to-dos to action items. You may find that some items in your list may require multiple steps to finish. In this case, you can create a separate project, and break that project down into actionable steps.

Project management – getting things done

Our in-house productivity experts recommend creating one project for each area of your work. For example, I work on Marketing and Customer Success, so I have a number of projects related to initiatives for each of those responsibilities.

For more on this, check out this slideshow. Essentially, tasks that are both critical and urgent get put at the top of your list.

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Using this feature, you can easily sort tasks based on their due date, so items due earlier jump to the top of your list. In Priority Matrix, you can easily drag and drop tasks from one quadrant to another, so re-organization is a breeze. Reflecting is an important part of GTD.

GTD is not Project Management

Bearing in mind that we used the tool a few years ago, I found the task delegation to be quite time-consuming. I seem remember that about six or seven clicks were required to add a simple task.

The task-sharing and the team collaboration worked seamlessly. Trello, in the last few years has expanded and continued to develop the service to include image sharing, integrating of docs, colours, dates, themes, hashtags and all sorts. In fact, I was quite happy with the way it was originally.

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The team are using the system less and less and I, also, have found myself overwhelmed by it. We had to many boards and too many cards. New motorways never stay empty.

Developing a Strategic Plan that Ensures Success

Hard disk space soon fills up with more and bigger files. The problem we face with the cloud based digital medium is, however, that the space is effectively limitless. You can keep adding boards and cards till you go crazy in the head. The problem is further compounded by the fact that with a digital project, you can keep refining and creating tasks forever and ever. As a result, for my personal work, I have started going back to pen and paper.

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The paper is a defined physical space.