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In von Mering moved to Berlin and joined the department of Prof. Frerichs, a renowned specialist in hepatic diseases and diabetes. He worked there on liver metabolism. An additional task was to provide medical services for prison inmates, an experience that initiated his research on typhus [1]. In parallel he was asked to set up a clinic for otorhinolaryngology [1] [4]. Following unsuccessful applications for permanent positions in Greifswald, Marburg and Vienna he was finally nominated by the university of Halle.

But there was a problem, for von Mering was Catholic and the statutes of the University of Halle required protestant professors; a personal decision of Emperor Wilhelm II was needed to overrule these regulations.

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The appointment obliged him to take on a range of responsibilities, for he became director of the Medical Polyclinic which included medical teaching , and in addition had to lecture on otorhinolaryngology, medical chemistry and legal medicine - as well as becoming head of department in a Catholic hospital in Halle.

This degree of medical multitasking would be unthinkable today. Whilst in Strasburg, Freiherr von Mering married Maria Fuxius from Trier on 17th April , and they had four children by the time they moved to Halle. As his income increased substantially, he built an impressive villa near the Leopoldina - the German academy of natural sciences - in the university area and moved there with his family in Von Mering published a famous textbook on internal medicine in [5].

He recruited a young team of authors and the book became a great success. The book was continued by J. Krehl in Heidelberg, and its 16th edition reported on the discovery of insulin [6]. He was finally awarded the former title following another nomination by the university in which omitted the title of "Freiherr". The controversy continued after his death. In the obituary notice by the family he was called Geheimer Medizinalrat Prof.

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Freiherr von Mering, but the Freiherr was not mentioned in the notice by the university. He died in at the age of He had supported an association promoting cremation, but cremation was prohibited in Prussia. According to his last wish the body was accompanied by the family to the railway station and taken by train to Eisenach in Thuringia. In Eisenach — the city near the castle where Martin Luther translated the Bible — cremation was not prohibited. The files describe von Mering as protestant, which may either have been a mistake, or else perhaps stated by the family in order to ensure the presence of a clergyman, since Catholic priests were not allowed to assist at cremations [1].

Αστερι μου φεγγαρι μου μαρινελλα

All leading medical journals in Germany, nine in total, published obituaries [1] [7] [8]. These pointed out his widespread interest in medical research and highlight three major discoveries: pancreatic diabetes, the barbiturate Veronal and Paracetamol. What was his role in these discoveries?

Typically enough, all his discoveries were the result of collaboration. Extraordinarius von Mering, working mainly in biochemistry and physiology. Minkowski wrote:. This conversation was followed by a discussion on how to do the experiment and finally, Minkowski mentioned that this question should be studied in a dog following pancreatectomy. The animal survived and initially seemed to be doing well. The day after the operation, von Mering had to travel to Colmar because his father-in-law was suffering from severe pneumonia.

He had to stay for one week. In the meantime the dog, which had been clean before, started to urinate more and more frequently in the laboratory.

This observation led me to examine the urine of the dog [10]. Without their controversial discussion on lipid absorption - which had no relation to the final discovery - the experiments would not have been carried out.

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By chance von Mering was not present when the laboratory assistant reported to Minkowski that the dogs were suffering from polyuria. Both collaborated to write the papers. The data collected in April were — shame on our medical journals today - already published by June [11] [12] , figure 1. The paper was brilliantly written, a masterpiece of a succinct publication — the title and the first sentence provide the full message.

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  4. Guide Die geheime Akademie (GALAXIA 1) (German Edition);
  5. Both travelled together to the first World Congress of Physiology in Basel where Neither of the two claimed to have more merit than the other in the discovery of pancreatic diabetes. They continued to collaborate, and von Mering invited Minkowski to write two chapters in his textbook [5]. Both derived academic benefit from the discovery, but it took more time for Minkowski to be nominated in a university — this occurred only in in the tiny University of Greifswald, before he worked as head of department in a Catholic hospital in Cologne.