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He is facing the mixed feelings that he has towards his release: dealing again with his father who forces him to steal yet being supposedly freed into the outside world.

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Blanca played by Hannah Hodson is a Brooklyn teenager who has a daily routine of going to school and enjoying time with her friends despite the backdrop of utter squalor and poverty in which she lives with her parents. But this routine is interspersed with frequent visits to the hospital due to her continued ill health. After a school incident, she finally realises that she is an HIV positive daughter of drug addicted parents and the tale takes a dark and dramatic twist.

Their treasures are empty cans, cardboard , discarded boards and nails; objects that society throws away.

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The children have to use their imagination to turn the urban landscape into their playground, turning refuse into returns. As their ambitions take them off the beaten path, they will need even more ingenuity to get them out of a jam. Jonathan is the story about a shell-shocked photojournalist whose assignments have left him disillusioned with life and irrevocably unhinged.

He dreams of freedom from what he has seen and happiness at any cost. He wants it so much that when he decides to run, he physically regresses back to when life was at its best and embarks on an incredible adventure, rediscovering the essence of life through childhood.

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The children he meets along the way challenge and inspire him to embrace his life once more. Ciro is a kid from the outskirts of Naples. He lives in one of those cement housing projects built after the earthquake of Along with his friend Bertucciello, Ciro assaults a motorist in order to steal his Rolex. It's a co-ordinated attack composed of two simultaneous but separate actions. Ciro smashes one of the vehicle's windows with a hammer, glass flying everywhere, while Bertucciello grabs hold of the man's watch and rips it away from his wrist. The two kids run in separate directions towards the unforeseen — looking for a real childhood.

Told through the eyes of children, the story of two little girls leading lives of opposite circumstance unfolds. These two lives mirror, parallel and attract each other while delving deep into the emotional and physical challenges faced by children.

This is a tale of hope. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Spike Lee. I have since read all the books, some of them twice. A simpler story is a book that I illustrated, by my friend John Yeoman, called Featherbrains. It tells the story of two chickens who escape from a battery farm and are introduced to the wide world through the wisdom of a friendly jackdaw.

Like almost everyone else my age, I was turned into a reader by Enid Blyton. I had almost all of the 39 books, and he became my imaginary brother and the perfect companion: lippy, irrepressible, and inventive to an almost pathological degree. Children have never been famed for taking sensible advice, but are superb at following a poor example. So if a parent spends most of their own time peering at screens, they can scarcely expect anything different from their offspring.

Add to this the fact that all studies show that children who are read to every night do better in school — even in maths.

Jesus Died For All The Children

And start young. The Frog and Toad books by Arnold Lobel have turned so many into passionate readers.

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Young children adore these wry, intelligent and gentle stories. Frog is patient and modest. Toad is not.

But together they face the problems all children recognise: ice creams that melt too fast, lost buttons, failure of will power, and all the myriad misunderstandings, anxieties and triumphs of small busy lives. No adult I know ever tires of reading these books aloud. Bedtime reading fosters security, intimacy and understanding. Reading is not a medicine. Treasure Island was the first real book that I read for myself — it was a huge inspiration. I identified with Jim Hawkins completely, and lived this book as I read it.

Robert Louis Stevenson became a hero of mine, and Treasure Island was the beginning of a long voyage into stories. When I was a little girl my mum was always telling me to get my head out of my book and do something useful. Teachers at school hoiked me out of cosy reading corners and told me to run about in the playground. Consequently reading became ever more desirable!

Jesus Loves the Little Children (with Lyrics)

Reading aloud to small children is a way to get them to associate a book with fun and pleasure and attention. Most toddlers love to cuddle up on a lap and point at the pictures and join in with a well-loved text. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a starter book that will please every small child and have them joining in their own wild rumpus.

Hopefully reading will continue to be a never-ending magical adventure. One key barrier is the overprescriptive and narrow testing regime in primary schools. It inhibits teachers from reading with children in a relaxed open-ended way. The test questions are too narrow, too yes-no. The way forward is for schools to try to spend as much time implementing a wide ranging, fully inclusive reading for pleasure programme. It must involve the whole school community including parents, grandparents and carers — a cultural in-school and out-of-school policy.

Browsing and choosing are vital and necessary starters — it teaches us about how reading can be part of our lives and how it can matter. When I was a child, comic books were a big influence and I remember one in particular — a comic strip in book form — called Fudge in Toffee Town. I thought it was wonderful, particularly coming out of wartime rationing. Talking and listening and laughing with children are some of the most important ways to spend time together, and a book can be as engaging as a toy or a screen if they are part of a shared experience.

Most picture books can produce fascinating conversations between adult and child if approached in an interesting and interested way. Are they happy or sad? Are there any clues in the picture? These are merely my suggestions as a writer, illustrator and parent but, of course, there are no rules.

It was a big, fat book and I loved reading, learning and reciting the poems together with my father.

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It also inspired me to begin making up some of my own. Once children have learned to read, bedtime stories can sometimes become a thing of the past. I think this is a shame.