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That thermal history can tell us something about where the comet was formed and traveled in its orbits.

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If we know that a comet never got above a certain temperature, we can infer that it never got closer than a certain distance from the sun or, for that matter, any other star. These markers are a special group of volatile gases, called noble gases which include helium, neon, argon, and krypton.

Sometimes they are called inert gases because they do not interact with other chemicals to form new ones. They remain as they were when they first appeared on the comet. Alan Stern and his colleagues discovered the first noble gas ever found on a comet argon in spectrographic studies of the comet Hale-Bopp. We know the exact temperature at which noble gases sublime change directly from a frozen to gaseous state. Therefore, we can determine how hot or cold the comet has been in its past.

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For example, if ALICE detects the noble gas, neon, we know that the comet has not heated to more than 16K degrees C or F , which is only 16 degrees above absolute zero. If the neon appears to be part of the comet's original material for example, it comes shooting up from deep inside the nucleus , the comet must have formed in a region of space colder than 16K. Roasted Portabella mushrooms with pesto, roasted red peppers, herbed goat cheese, EVOO, and rosemary on ciabatta.

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